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Transcript for Sir Martyn Lewis KAVS 2023 awards video

Sir Martyn Lewis CBE, the KAVS Chair, announces the recipients of the 2023 Award- transcript

[Sir Martyn Lewis CBE is shown facing the camera]

The King’s Award for Voluntary Service is the highest award in the United Kingdom for groups of volunteers. It recognises, champions and promotes outstanding groups whose volunteering work makes a real impact at grassroots level in communities right across the UK. 

This year is significant because we’re marking the first King’s Award following 20 years of the Queen’s Award for Voluntary service [we see the late Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh meeting a group of children; the Queen accepting flowers from children who are waving union jack flags; a collage of images of volunteers]. 

Since 2002, we have recognised great volunteer driven work in many forms, [a purple background with the Kings Award for Voluntary Service logo and ‘262 organisations awarded across the UK’ in bold text] and it’s a tribute to the commitment and strength of volunteers right across the UK that this year we are recognising 262 groups under the King’s Award for Voluntary Service on behalf of His Majesty. 

[Sir Martyn Lewis speaks to the camera again]. I’m forever in awe of the impact these groups make and the dedication they show in improving services right across our villages, towns and cities. Whether they rewild our environments, reduce social isolation or bring joy to children and young people, they all enrich people’s lives in a very special way. And this year is no exception. These awards are a formal part of the honour system, the equivalent of an MBE for groups, and that’s why the recipients of this year’s awards can take a moment to reflect on the incredible impact they’ve made and feel proud of all they do.

From the Pegasus Centre in Redruth, [a woman and a man shown colouring in; a counselling session where a woman is talking to a man; a mosaic and a painting of a boat; a group of people colouring in] offering free 1 to 1 counselling and wellbeing support to those in Cornwall who have experienced trauma  pictures  to the Chinese Welfare Association in Northern Ireland [3 women at computers wave at the camera; a celebration with dancers holding rainbow coloured props]. Supporting minority communities to help integrate, engage and feel empowered in wider Belfast. 

In central Scotland, The Trossachs Search and Rescue team provide first response for emergencies and search and rescue services, [we see someone performing CPR on a dummy; a defibrillator] as well as training the public in first aid and use of defibrillators.

In England, [some cows coming down a lane with people watching and taking pictures; cows grazing; a group of people enjoying hot drinks outside with some dogs] The Brill Village Community Herd, a community owned herd of cows grazing common land to conserve the habitat, restore and promote biodiversity and bring people together. 

While in Wales, the Lee Gardens Pool Committee, a group founded in the Rhondda Valley to restore a local swimming pool, [children playing with inflatables in an outdoor pool; a volunteer offering biscuits to three elderly ladies; a children’s entertainer performs whilst a crowd of children watch and join in]  has grown into a community hub, alleviating poverty, reducing isolation and supporting all generations.

[Sir Martyn speaks to the camera] These are just a few examples of the amazing organisations recognised each and every year. So on behalf of the national judges, the Lord Lieutenants of their deputies, and the team at the DCMS, I congratulate you all on receiving the King’s Award for Voluntary Service 2023.

It’s a fantastic achievement and your work sets a truly great example for others. We look forward to more nominations from the public for this accolade in the year ahead. So, if you know of an outstanding voluntary organisation in your area, then do consider nominating them for the King’s Award next year. Nominations open in June.

[The video closes with a black background showing the the award logo with a crown and the words The King’s Award for Voluntary Service]